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CITEL recognizes the 60 meters band proposal
from 5275 to 5450 kHz
General view of the XXVI CCP.II/CITEL delegates (Photo: CITEL)

LABRE, through their Spectrum Defense and Management WG, joined lasted week the XXVI Meeting of the Permanent Consultive Council (CCP.II) of the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (CITEL) in Ottawa, Canada.

LABRE is the rapporteur for the agenda item 1.4 (possible secondary allocation to the Amateur Service around 5300 kHz) at the Brazilian Communications Commission (CBC). The association has been integrated to the Brazilian team at CITEL. The delegation is coordinated by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).


Brazil presented a preliminary proposal in 2014. It was discussed along various meetings of CITEL with several countries, receiving across this journey support of 13 administrations. The proposal selected the ITU method that considered a continuous amateur secondary band between 5275 kHz and 5450 kHz.

A second proposal was presented by Canada considering non-contiguous 2 segments with 25 kHz each. USA presented an informative document considering a single 25 kHz bandwidth but both suggestions did not received supporters.

One of the big discussions about polemic agenda itens. (Photo: LABRE/GDE)

Since the CITEL happened in Ottawa was the latest meeting before the World Radio Conference of 2015, the first proposal became the official Inter-American Proposal (IAP) to be presented at the WRC-15 next November in Geneva.

Other regional proposals also will be discussed. The major resistance came from Russia (RCC) that opposes to any additional attribution on the segment. Other proposals suggest reduced bands as 100 kHz by CEPT (under development) or even 15 kHz by China.

Tim Ellan VE6SH, Jose Arturo YS1MS, Bryan Rawlings VE3QN and Flavio Archangelo PY2ZX with delegates at CITEL. (Photo: LABRE/GDE)

The final decision only will be given at WRC-15. Some countries already have national permissions for regular or experimental emissions with full band, segments or channels options, while others do not permit any operation. Respect your national spectrum regulations and keep tuned for further informations.

August 28, 2015

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